December 6, 2017

The Christianville Spirit: Christmas Favorites

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Makes You Wonder
December 6th, 2017-TCS # 573

Happy December, My Readers! Wow! Can You believe that The Year is almost over?! And, What a Year it has been, but More on that after Christmas. It is that Time of Year again though! It is My Favorite Time of Year, The Month of December filled with Christmas Cheer, Christmas Music, Christmas Lights, and above all, Christmas Magic (And, Believe Me, It can happen!). I know I Write The Following Statement Every Year but, I Love December because of One Holiday, Christmas. I do however have a bit of Different Swing to My “Happy December” Newsletter. So, This December, I have been Considering What truly is My Favorite of Favorites in Christmas. What Makes Christmas, Christmas? Now, The Christmas Light Traditions, The Decorating The House, and Spending Time with Family are What makes Christmas, Christmas, but, We all have that One Song or That One Movie, that tells us that It is Christmas. Now, Come On, We have that Song or Movie that We can not go a Christmas without Hearing or Seeing. But, It also makes me wonder, What are My Favorite Christmas Songs (There are Many Christmas Songs to choose from!) and Christmas Movies? I will tell you My Favorite Christmas Songs and Movies. 
Favorite Christmas Songs
  1. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays! by N’Sync. Call Me Old-Fashioned but, I like to Begin and End The Holiday Season with This Song
  2. Felix Navidad by Jose Feliciano. Blame It on The Fact that I am Part Puerto Rican but, I Love This Song. Bonus Here! It works with All Colors of People!
  3. The Following Songs in Rosie O'donalds Christmas CD:
-Santa on The Rooftop: Trish Yearwood
-Magic of Christmas Day: Celine Dion
-Who could forget this one! 12 Days of Christmas: The Muppets. We used to listen to this CD Every Christmas! I would skip other songs, Just to hear those Songs! For The Record, With Respect to The Symbolism of “The 12 Days of Christmas”, It is Difficult for Me to remember all The Days, but That Version of The Song makes it fun.
4. Two Songs From Trans-Siberian Orchestra (Also known
 as  TSO):
-Christmas Canon
-Gloria/Angels We Have Heard on High
Really, Who could resist a Little TSO at Christmas Time. Christmas Canon is in D Minor. It is both My Mom and I’s Favorite Song. Gloria, It is a Good Song to bellow out to. 
  1. Silent Night Medley by Hanson. Again, Another Old-Fashioned Song. Okay, so It is a more Modern Song, but a Song from an Old-Fashioned Band. It combines Silent Night, O Holy Night, and O Come All Ye Faithful

Next Comes My Favorite Christmas Movies
My Favorite Christmas Movies
  1. A Very Merry Mix-Up (Hallmark Movie). No One can resist ANY of Hallmark’s Annual Christmas Movie Marathons. But, If I had to Pick a Few out of All of Them. It would be This One. Destiny can happen at The Weirdest Time. It is all about Timing though!
  2. Matchmaker Santa (Hallmark Movie). Yes, Another Hallmark Movie! Who says that You can’t Make a Wish about Love at Christmas Time and It comes True.
  3. A Christmas Kiss. This One is What I call a Non-Hallmark Movie. There is a Brilliant Quote in There about The Difference between whether Your Love for Someone is True Love and Not.
  4. Elf. I Think that This One is on Everyone’s List. It is a Modern Christmas Movie that is Quickly becoming a Classic and Honestly, It should be a Classic Christmas Movie even though it has been around a Few Years!
  5. Deck The Halls. Nothing is Funnier than Watching a Comic Disaster happen between Neighbors. Along with The Coolness of Extreme Christmas Lights, trying to be seen from Space. Isn’t that Everyone’s Dream?!
So, then Comes Another Question, In The 10 Years I have been Writing, What is My Favorite Newsletter about Christmas? Well, I am going share that one with You too! This Newsletter was Written on December 9th of 2015 (Refer to Newsletter 477) Enjoy!
My Name is Christian Smith-Centeno and I believe in Santa Claus! Wow! It takes a Man to say that! It takes a Man to say at My Age that He still believes in Santa Claus. In Fact, I challenge you to say the Same Thing. You See, When I was in School, at the High School Age, You were ridiculed for still believing in Santa Claus, as if Santa is only for Children and That could be The Farthest from The Truth. The Reason though? I believe in not just Santa but, more on The Lines of The Magic of Santa. I remember One Year that I was going to Sleep on Christmas Eve when I heard Jingle Bells in The Distance and that is How I knew Santa was coming as well as a Few Thuds on The Roof in My Childhood. So, the Magic still lives in Me! Now, when People say “The Magic”, It is not like a “Magic Trick” type of Magic, It is Legit. Now, Of Course Everyone has Different Version of how Santa actually works but, This is My Belief as well as Curious Questions about it. I should mention here that There are People who do not believe in Santa for Whatever Reason. Some are just what I will refer to as “Actual Factual” and Only believe what Those down here tell you. But, They don’t cherish The Magic in Him. 

So, His Home, The North Pole. Actual Factual People will tell you that There is Nothing there, It is only Ice. That part is True, but I like to think of it in a Magical Way and Believe Me, I  have seen quite a Few Christmas Movie Depiction of It. The Debate here is That, does The North Pole Just Appear or Is There some kind of Secret to It? “The Polar Express” claims that It appears out of Nowhere, “The Santa Claus” and “Northpole” claim that It is Secret, Like You go to The North Pole, You go underground under What “Actual Factual” People say is Just Ice and More Ice, and No Typical Person can come in. I would like to go with that Answer. I Believe that in order to get in, You have to do a Very Complex Top Secret-Classified Code. Funny Enough, Only Santa, Mrs. Claus, and a Few Select Elves know this Code. I kind of wish that It was as Easy as The State Farm Jingle, “Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is There!” only “I believe in The North Pole because Santa is There!” and You Magically appear at The North Pole. Elves are Very Cheery and The Last Thing You would want is One to Tell Everyone the Code and then, alot of People ooooing and awwing while The Elves are trying to Work. Picture a Bunch of News Crews from all over The World interviewing Santa on Christmas Eve. He is a Busy Man, You Know! It would not be Good either because of Those “Actual Factual” People who Do not Believe, May or May not be as Nice. If an Elf does not know The Code then, Someone on The Other Side will let them in. I picture The North Pole to be sort of like a Mix of the Hallmark Movie “Northpole” and “The Polar Express”, It is The Most Beautiful City, Filled with Heaps of Christmas Lights and Music playing all the time. Elves skipping up and down The Street when They are not Working. They do have Elf Parties in The Off Season and on Christmas Day. They do take trips “Down South” for a Little Vacation, most likely during The Summer. They like to have Fun after Work, They go Bowling and Play other Sports. Maybe They go out to Dinner before heading Home for The Night. They have Very Pretty Tiny Houses with lots of Cool Stuff.  Their Workshop can get very Crazy some days, I am sure that It is Calm some days and It is like The New York Stock Exchange when it gets closer to Christmas. I am sure that They get a lot of Calls over Christmas and They transfer as much as They can to Santa, although He is Very Busy checking lists and checking them twice, He does take time to talk to Each Child. Santa must be a Very Good Multi-Tasker! In The Time that He is not taking or making calls, He spends The Evening answering Letters and He must do it VERY Fast. It would be Interesting to watch that happen! In This North Pole Town, There is a lot of Christmas Cheer, Christmas Music, and Most of All Christmas Magic! It makes me wonder though, What do The Elves do after Santa has left for His Christmas Eve Run? Maybe they party all Night, Watch The Kids (ahem...clearing throat) and Adults open Gifts, and then Maybe relax toward The End of The Day. Santa comes back and they all hang out. Maybe They all sit in The Hot Tub and juuust relax. After Christmas, They most likely go on Vacation. 

So, on The Next Question, How does Santa go around The World in One Night? By The Speed of Light and Of Course, with a His Magic. He goes down The Chimney VERY Quickly. I would think that He could either make Assistant Santas go down The Chimney and Give the Gifts while Santa provides The Magic. Santa does make a few Pit Stops at Those Houses that Deserve a little extra Attention and He randomly picks each year so Don’t Worry Guys. 

So, then what about The Santa at The Mall or in the Parade? The Actual Factual will say that They are just like You and Me and Only Partly, They are. To Me, They are a Very Special Santa. I Believe not ALL The Santas there are close to The Real One. But, All of them have a Direct Line to Santa at The North Pole. Likely, That is what They do when They are not sitting on The Big Chair. They have to relay Gift Requests and Wishes to “The Big Man”. The Santas though, That legit look like Santa, They have a Very Classified Magical Job. They do Some of The Magic of Santa behind closed doors. Maybe, THAT is what They do during Their Breaks. 

So, How does Santa know when You are Sleeping, Awake, Good/Bad, and Happy or Sad? I believe that He can see through a Giant Snow globe, up at North Pole Headquarters. Hidden Cameras also work in Some Cases too though! Maybe There is an App for that on His Phone. Remember that Santa does not just bring to Children and Adults, He is also brings a little goody for Dogs and Cats. All in all, These are My Theories about Santa and The North Pole. Even Santa represents The Magical Spirit of Christmas.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Christmas is not about Gifts. But, It is about The Lights, The Music, and The Magic.

November 29, 2017

The Christianville Spirit: PTLS en España Rerun

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Makes You Wonder
November 29th, 2017-TCS # 572

Happy Holiday Season, My Readers! Yes, My Readers! It is that Time of Year again, My Favorite Time of Year, The Holiday Season! Also, Welcome Back from The Holiday of Thanksgiving. These Past two Thanksgivings for Us, have been less than Traditional. Last Thanksgiving, We went to Spain and Skipped Thanksgiving, although We did have a “Friends-Giving” that was a Good Make-Up Thanksgiving. This Year, due to a lot of Reasons, and because We did not have anyone to Watch The Dogs, We decided to stay Home for Thanksgiving, Just My Mom and I. It was a Quiet Thanksgiving, Less-Than-Ideal, but We did have some fun with it though. We bent some of The Traditions, because Who says that We have to follow Every Tradition, that is Except for Christmas, Christmas must stay The Traditions of Christmas! Thanksgiving, You can bend a little. We had a Create-Your-Own Thanksgiving (or CYO Thanksgiving) in which, Yes I got to have the Meal with a few tweaks and A Ton of Stuffing, which is My Favorite Part of Thanksgiving. This is certainly different than Last Year with Going to Spain for Thanksgiving and Honestly, I would not mind doing it again because Going to Europe during The Holidays is Very Fascinating! If You have ever wondered about it, like I know that You are. I am going to Rerun The Newsletter that Explains It. Plus My Humbleness gets to have a little bragging rights in This Newsletter. Folks, I am a Humble Man, but, It is Okay to brag every once and a while! Enjoy and Happy Holiday Season!

This Newsletter was Written on November 30th of 2016 (Refer to Newsletter 522)

Hola, My Readers! Welcome Back from a Lovely Holiday! I hope You enjoyed your Thanksgiving. So, Boy do I have an Interesting Story with quite a Twist to Tell You. So, What did I do for Thanksgiving? Oh Just...You Know, hang out with Family...Well, Yes and No. I actually went to Spain for Thanksgiving. Woah! Hold The Phone! You went to Spain for Thanksgiving?! Yes, I know, Crazy, right?! Yeah, You normally don’t hear that in Most People’s Thanksgiving Plans. The Only Reason You would hear that is if Someone had No One to spend The Holiday with, so Why not travel somewhere and Skip Thanksgiving. Well, I will assure you that it wasn’t Us. You See, a Month ago, A Couple PTLS Members wanted us to come to Spain and meet and talk with a Few PTLS Members, Keyword here, a FEW PTLS Members. It was to be a PTLS Hang-Out if You will. They had already picked The Date and It happened to be over Thanksgiving. So, Thanksgiving Week it was! Over the Next Month, The Amount of PTLS Members coming grew from a Couple of PTLS Members to 20 PTLS Members! Now, for those of You wondering, We did have a Thanksgiving, We will call it a “Make-Up Thanksgiving” because One of My Mom’s Friends was having a “Friends-Giving” at their House and so that was Our Thanksgiving. Now, This Second Trip to Europe, was a much shorter and More PTLS Business Trip than A Mix of both Business and Pleasure like Stockholm and London was. We flew on Thanksgiving Morning to Madrid, Spain. I will say that it is quite busy at The Airport on Thanksgiving Morning, but I think most of it was for Those flying home within The United States. This was The First Time that I ever flew on Thanksgiving Day as well as The First Time that We flew on an International Airline where They spoke two Languages in their Announcements, both English and Spanish. We arrived in Madrid, Spain on Friday Morning, as The Sun was starting, It was really pretty to arrive as The Sun was Rising. One of The Organizers of This Meeting, Ana, was Nice enough to pick us up from The Airport and took us to Our Hotel that Early in The Morning. She gave us a Nice Introduction to Spain and Preparing us to meet PTLS Family Members in Spain. None of Them except for Her and Another PTLS Member, Erik another Organizer for This, spoke English. Most of them speak only Spanish and maybe a Little (keyword again, little) English so, It would be a bit of a Challenge but, as Barney of How I Met Your Mother would say “Challenge Accepted!”. So, We arrived at Our Hotel, and let This Business Trip get going! First Thing on The List is an Interview with The Nursing Board of Spain, little did My Mom and I know that Said Interview was to Take Place on Camera. Due to Arriving early in The Morning, Our Room was not ready yet So, We did The Interview, on Camera and with Pictures as well while We waited. After all that was Finished, We were not going to be picked up until later that Evening to go to Dinner in The City Center. After a Nice Nap and a Really Nice Rain Shower in Our Hotel Room, Organizer Erik picked us up and Showed us around on Our Way to Dinner. We drove past several places including The Prado Museum; a Local Department Store called “El Corte Ingles” on Black Friday (which is a New Idea for Those in Spain); An Arched Monument in a Traffic Circle called “Puerta De Alcala”; and, A Traffic Circle with Spanish Flags around it, called “Plaza De Cibelas” near Banco de España; and, Finally, Walking by a Christmas Market in “Plaza Mayor”. We also got to see Some Pretty Cool Christmas Light Displays along the Drive to Dinner. We made a Slight Detour to meet Erik’s PTLS Child because He was not coming to The Event the next day. By The Way, The Way that The Spanish pronounce “Plaza Mayor”, To me, It sounded like “Playa Mayor’d”. We all had a Nice Dinner with a Few PTLS Members at a Restaurant in Madrid’s Old Town. Thank God that We had Erik and Ana to help Translate! My Mom really pulled from Her High School Years of Her Spanish, She can understand more than She can Speak. We tried Several Different Foods including Garlic Soup (It was really good) and Broken Eggs with French Fries (I am told that It is a Spanish Delicacy). I should mention that The Spanish tend to Eat Late, like around 8 or 9 O‘ Clock at Night and then, They party all Night in the Summer because They don’t have Air Conditioning and It gets Very Hot, so They stay out all Night. However, It was Freezing while We were there so We did not stay out late. They also do things Late, Lunch is Late (like 2 or 3 In The Afternoon) and Dinner is Late. Of Course, Organization in Spain may not be Top Priority either, but apparently That is How They like it there. Anyway, so Saturday was sort of like a Mini-Conference, like We did in Stockholm. My Mom spoke most of The Time all the way until After Lunch. By The Way, The Lunch that We had was really good too. Luckily though, We had a Friend of Michael’s Girlfriend, Nicole, named Marta came and She helped us Translate as well as Translators for The Speeches. Boy, Did We need those Translators! What was funny to me (But, It was Respectful) was that Some of the PTLS Members came up to Us and started speaking Spanish and Spoke to us as if We knew what They were saying. It took a lot of Listening to hear Words that You knew in Spanish and then, Get a General Idea of what They were saying. To Be Fair, I am sure that They were listening for Key Words that They knew in English.
After Lunch, I was up to Speak. Yes, I was Up to Speak! Now, This was The Organizer’s Idea for Me to do this. I did Very Brilliantly and I made My Own Powerpoint to Present and I spoke a Bit of Spanish to Impress them a little bit. For Dinner, We went to This Place called “Kilometros De Pizza” (Translating into Kilometers of Pizza) and They had Pizza that was VERY Long for a Group of People! First came Two Appetizers, One which was Real Mozzarella Cheese and Pita Bread. Then, Came the Main Dish, a Board of Pizza that was Literally a Meter Long and It had 4 different Kinds of Pizza (Cheese, Margarita, Ham and Cheese, and Barbecue) that was a 5 Person Length. It was Huge! The Next Day, Sunday was sort of like a Business Meeting. It was Interesting to say the least! After that, Ana took us on a Final Tour on The City and See The Places that was on Our List to See. So, We stopped for Lunch before Our Tour because I had to make sure that I had Paella while I was there. After We walked another PTLS Member to The Train Station (which was quite Extensive!), It was on to The Tour. Due to The Fact, that It was Raining most of The Time that We were There, We could not really explore too much but, We saw The Major Places, The Spanish Palace; “Gran Via”, The Spanish Version of Broadway; The Tourist Avenue; and, Finally, “Puerta Del Sol” which was a Highlight for Me to see! I realized Later that “Plaza Mayor” is More Significant than “Puerta Del Sol”, but to be Fair, “Puerta Del Sol” is the Exact Heart of Spain and Heart of Madrid. After that, That was The End of The Tour and It was Time to head back to The Hotel. The Final Day, Monday, It was Time to head Home. All in all, It was an Awesome Trip and I wish I had more Time in Spain to see it, but Maybe Next Year! A Huge Thank You (Muchos Gracias!) to Our Translators; Organizers (Erik and Ana); Our Cheering Squad, Pili and Laura; a Special Thanks to My Little PTLS Brother, Carlos for His Smile and Kit-Kat, and Finally, the People of Spain for showing Your Lovely and Historic Country.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Spending Thanksgiving can mean Spending It with Family Anywhere.

November 22, 2017

The Christianville Spirit: Happy Thanksgiving!

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Makes You Wonder
November 22nd, 2017-TCS # 571

Hello My Wonderful Readers and Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that You had a Great Year to This Point! I know that I have had a Great Year so Far. I am thankful for Many Things and Many Things extra! The Roof over My Head, Food on The Table, and All the Basic Things that We have that We don’t realize that We should be Grateful for. Additionally, I am Thankful (Truly Thankful) for all of The Meet-ups that I had This Year, 9 almost 10 Times in a Year with Lynee’s Mom, Dona. It really helps both of us with both Closure and Showing Lynee (as well as Lynee showing us) that We truly Loved her! That and Dona is just good company! We, between My Mom and I have become really good friends with Her, and She is a Good Friend to have. Someone to Laugh with, Cry with, and Yes, have Some Really Good (Deep at times) Conversations. Now, that I think about it. I am thankful for that more than Anything This Year. On Top of That, I am Thankful for The Cruise that I went on Earlier This Year and The PTLS Family that took me. Of Course, I am Very Thankful to My Neighbors! Who would have thought that after All This Time living in The Neighborhood that I do, that I would have Great-Awesome-Brilliant Neighbors, even in My Head, Although I am not European (I am of decent) eerrr...I mean, I don’t LIVE in Europe, but I say it as Neighbours (It sounds the same when said but, to Me, it should sound like Nay-Boors instead of Nay-Bers.) Anyway, I am going to rerun a Thanksgiving Newsletter that I feel is One of My Best Ones. A Note, before I start, This Newsletter was written in the time of the Ferguson Riots and I mention it very briefly, In case You were wondering what Ferguson was. Anyway, Enjoy The Newsletter and Have a Very Happy Thanksgiving! 

This Newsletter was written on November 26th of 2014(Refer to Newsletter 426)

Happy Thanksgiving, My Readers! Really, I hope that You have an Awesome Thanksgiving No Matter Who You Are. So, I was having a bit of Trouble with figuring out What I should write about This Thanksgiving Eve. I thought of Maybe, What I’m thankful for or Maybe, My Feelings toward all the Unrest in The Country and In Ferguson, Missouri, but I figured that I should not give that Anymore Energy than it already has. So, What I am going to Write about, You Say? Well, Let’s start with a Question. Oh Boy, I am sure You are thinking. What does Thanksgiving mean to You? And, Don’t Worry, if You say, “Shopping”, I promise to not judge you, unless it is for a Greedy Reason, then I do not Support You. So, Back to My Question, What does Thanksgiving mean to You? As a Friend of My Mom’s and Mine, says, “Thanksgiving is the Only Holiday where You can spend time with Your Family, and not have to Worry about Gifts or Presents” Now, when I heard that, It kind of stung but, only because I am a Christmas-Lover and After Halloween is over with, I am ready for Christmas Movies, Music, and So On. But, The Ugly Truth is that This Friend is 100% Right, Thanksgiving is The Only Holiday to Really have Genuine Quality Time with Family without Gifts or Presents. Again, Not to Diss Christmas because I love Christmas and I always will. But, What about Thanksgiving? Well, Unfortunately, Thanksgiving is often overlooked by The Frantic Holiday Shopping known as “Black Friday” which to be honest, seems to be turning into “Black ThanksFriday.” In My Head, It is like driving into a Double-Metro Area like Baltimore-Washington or Even My Own, Dallas-Fort Worth. You enter Fort Worth and find that, No You do not want to go to Fort Worth (and, Fort Worth is a Very Down-to-Earth, Cowboy City) but, You want to go to Dallas. Well, What do You do? Well, skip it of course, take the “Bypass” around it and get to Dallas faster, instead of going through it. So, Thanksgiving, By The Way, to me, Anyway, means Quality Time with Family (If Family is not around, Then Friends and New Friends can do), It means Turkey and Stuffing! (Stuffing is One of My Favorite Parts of Thanksgiving), and Of Course, Watching The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which not only is My Favorite Tradition but, It is the Official Start of The Holiday Season. Now, I know that There are some people who love Football on Thanksgiving. If I ever had a Discussion about it with Someone who is a Passionate Football Fan, They would probably tell me that 1. It keeps the Family entertained if You just can not handle staring at Your Family Member without nothing to talk about or It is just plain awkward. and, 2. It prevents the Family from Fighting (unless, and God Help You, Your Family roots for Different Teams) Believe Me, I am pretty sure that There are those type of Families Out There and The First Type of Family would be just Funny to watch and observe But, as They say in The News, I digress. and, Finally, There are People who sadly either do not have Family to go to, in which it is better for them to hang out with Friends, and If They do not have Either, that is When They need a Friend or Someone to spend Thanksgiving with. So, Thanksgiving is not the Best for them. and, Finally, There are The Shoppers. Now, in my head, There are two types of People that shop on Thanksgiving. Either those that are Alone with No Family or Friends, so Why not spend your heart out on Gifts and What not, It seems Logical and It helps them. BUT, There are also those who just want to Shop, Just because. or, maybe We can use the “Awkward Family” excuse and Maybe it provides more Entertainment when You can not handle being at Home anymore. The Ones that I do not agree with are “Black-Friday Shoppers” because In My Head, There is nothing that You need at 4 in The Morning. Anyway, My Readers, like Christmas, Thanksgiving is What You make of it. But, If Anything, Do Something Good for Thanksgiving, Help an Elderly Lady if You are Shopping, Shout Loud if You are a Football Fan and Make Sure that “Awkward Family” of Yours does it too (It is More Fun that Way), and Finally Enjoy The Quality Time with The Family because You never know what may happen. Sure, They may be Awkward, a Bit Messed Up, and They are just Funny (and, Fun) to be around, like My Family. But, Enjoy It and Lastly, (all in all) I hope You have a Great Thanksgiving with Lots of Love and Happiness!

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Give Thanks and Cherish What You have, This Thanksgiving. Also, it goes without saying, Happy Thanksgiving!

November 15, 2017

The Christianville Spirit: The Mind of Autism

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Makes You Wonder
November 15th, 2017-TCS # 570

Oi and Olá, My Readers! Those Words look alike don’t they?! Well, They are Two Greetings that are roughly the Same. Oi means Hi and Olá means Hello in Portuguese. So, You learn something new Every Day. I believe this greeting is used in both Portugal and Brazil. So, on with This Week’s Newsletter! So, as You may recall I have talked about a Brilliant Show on TV here in The United States called The Good Doctor. This Show actually does Live up to The Hype and It makes you realize a lot of Different Aspects relating to Autism. (Refer to My First Newsletter about The Good Doctor). I feel that This Show, not only explains about Those with Autism (and, Special Needs in General) but, also The Medical World. It mixes My Mom’s Medical Nerding-out and My Passion about People learning about those with Special Needs. It is funny because I have found myself asking more questions about What Medical Word that They just said than I do when We watch Grey’s Anatomy. Where Grey’s Anatomy speaks the Medical Term very fast, The Good Doctor say The Word very slow. But, that aside, This Show is Very Interesting because of how Dr. Shaun Murphy analyzes what is wrong with The Patient before The Doctors know. As well as that, He has shown us about How The Autistic Mind works. For Example, He showed us The Struggle of whether Someone is Joking, Being Sarcastic, or Being Literal about Something, Something that I, myself have a hard time telling the difference. He had a Moment where There were a bunch of Patients from a Crash that needed Help and He was Overstimulated by All of The Activity, and Best of all, He did explain Perfectly about Stimming. You See, In This Week’s Episode (Warning: Spoiler Alert!) The Writers came up with an Excellent Test into How a Person who plays Someone with Autism would handle Another Person with Autism in Distress. So, in comes a Person with Autism with Something wrong with his Intestines because His Parents are feeding him the wrong food. Anyway, He is freaking out because The Doctors are trying to figure out what is wrong with him, but He does not like to be touched (A Common Thing with those with Autism) and They pretty much have to hold him down because He is freaking out. Dr. Shaun tells them to stop because He realizes that The Patient also has Autism. Later on, Shaun explains that He has Autism. Which brings me to The Stimming part. The Patient has to go in an MRI, which to Anyone can be Scary, but Dr. Shaun walks into an empty hospital room to Pace back and forth (aka Stimming) to try and figure out how to keep The Patient with Autism calm during The Procedure. Dr. Shaun explained Stimming to His Mentor saying that “It helps him concentrate as well as Relive Stress”. Now, There are Times when We PTLSers Stim because We are either Bored, Stressed, or Over Stimulated. In Dr. Shaun’s Case it was because of Stress. So, When It came Time for The Patient’s MRI, Dr. Shaun help him stim about Numbers and Counting Things to help The Patient decrease their Anxiety, it only helped for a Little Bit.
Afterwords, Dr. Shaun showed The Parents of The Patient that His Stimming was Okay as well helping making Decisions about Things like if He wanted The Lights on (The Parents seem to think that The Lights being On, increased His Anxiety) or not, or to have Dr. Shaun do The Surgery or not. It is Funny because The Doctors on The Show are also starting to let Dr. Shaun make Decisions too and They are Trusting Him to know what He is doing. Now, They are asking him what He sees! All in all, Not that I like The Distress that sometimes happens in Medical Dramas, but This Show, I really like it because I can relate to it in Many Ways like How his mind works and My Mom learns more about How The Autistic Mind works.
 It is a Good Show to watch!

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Step in Our Shoes and Understand How Our Mind Works. You will see how simple our mind is.

November 8, 2017

The Christianville Spirit: Remembering Meeting a Family

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Makes You Wonder
November 8th, 2017-TCS # 569

Howdy, My Readers! Yes, that is how We Texans say Hello. Okay, It is more like in the Country that They would say “Howdy Y’all”. So, Sticking with This Year’s Newsletter Theme, The Spirit that Makes You Wonder. This is something that makes Me Wonder. Often Times, I go back in My Head to all the Big Events in My Life that I thought at The Time would Never Happen. I am sure there are PTLS Family Members that think the same thing, or at least, temporarily anyway. Like for Example, I never thought that I could go to 6 Countries for, because, or with PTLS (2 of Them I did on Vacation). I went to Stockholm, Sweden (A Dream Come True); London, United Kingdom;  Madrid, Spain, all for PTLS Conferences on The Road, and Of Course, I went to Roatan, Honduras, Belize, and Mexico (but, I have been to Mexico before PTLS) on a Cruise, without My Mom but, with a PTLS Family Member. That is Something I still to This Day, can’t believe that I did. Because there was A Time I thought I couldn’t go on a Trip without My Mom. As Long as It is with The Right People, I can! But, Sometimes, I go farther back than Recent Memories. Believe It or not, There was a Time before We started having PTLS Gatherings and Yes, Even PTLS Conferences! and, To go even farther back than that, There was a Time when PTLS, Potocki-Lupski Syndrome was not named. Honestly, It shocks me, wonders me, and Heartens Me of All of The Things that I have done since Potocki-Lupski Syndrome was named. But, I go back often to a Moment in between The First Conference and The PTLS Naming. For The Record, We had met Many Families before The Naming of PTLS. In My Head, Who was The First PTLS Family Member We met after The Naming of PTLS? One Family that is The First that I have mentioned meeting was The PTLS Family Member, The Pulley’s from Atlanta. I actually wrote a Newsletter about it and Then, I will continue The Story. This Newsletter was written on December 3rd of 2007; Refer to Newsletter 82 (Unnumbered).
This Past Thanksgiving My Mom and I drove to Atlanta to visit some of The Smith Family. And, it was a lot of fun. We spent a lot of time with family which was good. My Brother, Michael didn’t come because he had to work. There were many cool parts but, one of them was something My Uncle Bruce has and did. Over the past several months he has been working hard at getting his Pilot’s License and a month or two ago he got it. So, one day he took My Cousin Gram and me up in his little Cessna Plane that the Flight School provided. So, we flew over a mountain that was called Stone Mountain and over Lake Lanier to see how dry it was. And, it was pretty dry, In fact I saw a whole boat ramp dried up and I’ve never seen a lake so dry that a whole boat ramp wasn’t covered in water. Another thing that was really cool was also was we saw the beautiful fall foliage. I got to wake up to it every morning in my Grandma Honey’s House; there were many colors like Orange, Red, and Yellow. Before we left, we had a wonderful opportunity to meet The Pulley Family which has a little girl named Ava that has the same special needs as I do and we met them at My Grandma Honey’s House, I was very nice meeting them. We hope to see them again and meet other families as well. All in all, being in Atlanta was a lot of fun.
It was Remembering This Newsletter in My Weekly “What do I write about This Week Question”, that along with The 10 Year Anniversary of The Naming of Potocki-Lupski Syndrome, I realized that This Thanksgiving is The 10th Year Anniversary of When We Met The Pulleys. At That Time, They had recently been diagnosed and They lived in Atlanta where The Smith Family lives also. So, We figured that Since We were going to be in Atlanta for Thanksgiving that Year, We figured that We would met them while We were at Grandma Honey’s House. As My Mom recollects, Ava was 2 Years Old at The Time. At The Same Time, We had My Uncle Bruce with us at Grandma Honey’s House. It’s a Party! Grandma Honey would say. Ava, She just loved Uncle Bruce! At a PTLS Gathering/My Birthday Party in 2009, Ava was Excited to see Uncle Bruce. They gave us a Basket of Goodies as a Thank You for meeting with Them, which believe it or not, We actually still use. The Most Hilarious Moment for Us was when Ava wanted a Rice Crispy Treat and I got one Myself. We did not realize until later, but Ava was allergic to The Eggs in it, She was fine but, just had a Little Red on her cheeks. At The Time, anyway, Ava couldn’t talk yet but only Babble. Today, Ava can Talk quite Clearly and is in a lot of Activities. Something that, like Myself, Ava’s Mom at The Time, thought that She would never do and Years Later, She did. I think that although We have a little bit of Self-Doubt in Us, It is natural and human to do so. I feel that PTLS Family Members focus on The Fact that Their Child has PTLS and It is Stops There. Ava’s Mom on the other hand, Yes, She stopped for a Short Time like We all do, but She left the Station and kept on Going. Ava is Very Successful at where She is now versus Where She was then. Where We are going is Always a Wonder and a Worry, but Where We have gone before, That is What is Amazing!  I look back on Ava when She was little and She reminded me a lot of What I was like when She was little. But, I knew what She was going to do when She got older and Ava’s Mom (who I call, Aunt Joey) did not give up, just like My Mom and Many other PTLS Moms. All in all, It is fun to look back on Memories from 10 Years and more.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Never Wonder about us PTLSers because We just Big Bundles of Wonder that brings Joy!