February 14, 2018

The Christianville Spirit: An Unconventional Love Story

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Keeps Learning with Hope and Resilience
February 14th, 2018-TCS # 583

Happy Valentine’s Day, My Readers! Today is The Day of Love! Okay, so Not Everyone calls Valentine’s Day, “The Day of Love”, although It really should be referred to as that. I would imagine that It would make Those People who don’t believe in Valentine’s Day feel loved, because They feel that Valentine’s Day is only about Couples. Let Me Tell You, that is Further from The Truth!
So, After 11 Years of Writing The Christianville Spirit, I have written some Really Good Newsletters in The Topic of Love during Valentine’s Day. These are Newsletters of Mine that I feel deserve The Gold Metal (Get It? The Olympics!) for Valentine’s Day and The Day of Love Newsletters in My Valentine’s Day Newsletter Roster. So, I am going to Help You enjoy Valentine’s Day, in whatever Mood You may be in or You Think of Valentine’s Day in One Way or Another. It was Very Hard for Me to Choose Which were The Best of The Best in My 11 Years of Writing, but These are The Gold Ones! 
The Gold Valentine’s Day Newsletters go by Title and Year so that They are Easy to find!
Destiny in The Making (2015) 
In Search of Bridgett (2014)
 Infectious: A Love Story (2012)
 Different Kinds of Love (2010)
You are Loved This Valentine’s Day (2009)
Now, Don’t Worry, I am not going leave you out of The Mushiness, Non-Believers. You may call This Day, Single’s Awareness Day or “Day of Evil” according to a PTLS Family Member I knew. Well, What if You believe in Love but, Aren’t feeling it This Year? I feel like I am Ted Mosby of The TV Show How I Met Your Mother right before He meets The Mother. You believe in Love with All Your Heart but, You are Ready for Your “Person”, quoting Christina Yang of Grey’s Anatomy, to Come into Your Life. You want to see that Kind of Love! Anyway, so This is an Unconventional Love Story that pertains to that, at least until I meet Her. 
So, My Dog, Paco. You have heard briefly about Him from Time to Time, but I never told You the Actual Story. Probably because, for One, It did not turn out that way I thought it would and Two, Paco was Intended to be My Brother’s Dog and for The sake of My Brother’s Feelings, I did not want to boast about it. But, It seems that Paco and I have bonded. So, First Off, Paco is a Boy Dog, We have always avoided having a Boy Dog, what with The Raising of The Leg, Humping, and The (Clearing Throat) Oscar Meyer Weiner of It all. People that have Boy Dogs will know exactly what I mean. So, My Mom has always gotten Our Family Girl Dogs. Well, My Mom’s High School Friend, Barb, was at a Flea Market in a Town called Canton, about an Hour East of Dallas. She was walking through The Place and Discovered This Guy giving away Puppies. Well, Said Guy was not a Very Nice Guy giving away These Puppies! Barb saw Literally the Cutest Brindle Boy Dog and She had to have Him. She tried to get More than just Him because The Seller was commenting to another person saying “They’d Make Great Bait Dogs!” (Yes, Really He said that in the Open!). Barb was like “Let Me have Them” and Sadly, She only got The Brindle Boy. It happened to be at The Time that Michael, My Brother, saw a Brindle dog and wanted it but, The Guy that had him decided to keep Him
  So, Barb called up My Mom and told her to come over to Check Out The Brindle Boy Dog who was like 4 Months Old at The Time and Not Potty Trained. My Mom thought, “Well, We can take The Dog up to Colorado for Michael”. The Thing was that We were not going to Colorado for Two Weeks, So We cared for This Boy Dog who Barb referred to as “Baby Boy”. At First, Between My Mom and I, We were Very Wary about having a Un-Potty Trained Boy Dog in Our House. Now, Bearing in Mind that We had Potty Trained Dogs that We have had before, so It was Nothing New but, This Boy Dog was Harder to Potty Train because He is a Rather Stubborn Dog. Through Those Two Weeks, That Boy Dog really tested My Texture Issue Limits with His Pooping and Peeing on Training Pads and Me having to clean it up and throw it away. A lot of It I had to do while My Mom was at Work. I tried Very Hard not to Get to Close to Him because for All I knew, He was going to Michael’s House and It would hurt more letting him go. So, After Two Weeks of Trying to Potty Train Him, he still was not Trained yet but, We put Him in his Crate and Got on The Road. We found after about an Hour of Driving that He would rather be in The Crate with The Door open so He could freely come to See us and Sleep in The Crate. Now, Barb started training Him before We had him with Crate Training. Now, I have not had Great Experiences traveling with Dogs, but I have to say that This Boy Dog was The Best Traveller! He was Quiet, Did not Bark too much (although Sadie Good-Lord was in the Process of teaching him to Bark), and He did not bother us that much. So, After We got to Michael’s House and The Boy Dog “Baby Boy” to Our Surprise, He knew exactly where His House was before We had even been up to See It. He is a Very Smart Dog! Now, I will tell you, It did sting a little bit along The Way up there to know that This Boy Dog was going to be My Brother’s because although I did not admit, It was Hard not to Bond with Him, even though I did not want him because He was My Brothers and I did not want to deal with Anymore Potty Training. Well, Michael wanted to keep him but, His Roommate did not want him. Michael kept saying He thought there might be a No Dog Rule at His Place but, yet allowed Nicole’s Small Dog and Zack’s Dog to come over all the time, but Why not Michael? He deserved a Dog! After a Few Days at Michael’s, We left “Baby Boy” at Michael’s because He was Michael’s Dog. We let My Brother name The Boy Dog. He first started with “Grandpa” (as in, “Let’s Take Grandpa for a Walk”); Nicole said No. My Brother’s Humor! “Grandpa Banjo” (From the Nintendo 64 Video Game, Banjo-Kazooie); Nope! “Banjo”. Well, that worked for a While, until He responded with a sound like The Word, “Taco” and Then Came the Name “Paco”.
 Long Story Short, The Roommate got Very Upset about The Dog being there and Michael being Nice said He would be with Him for 2 Weeks, 2 Weeks went up, and then, My Mom and Michael drove halfway to Kansas and Michael sadly gave Paco back to us. This is Where I start to say, No! This is not Fair for My Brother! He deserves a Dog! Of Course, I was still Wary about having to Potty Train Him and then, getting attached to Him. Well, Paco came back and He was happy to be with Us again. We told My Brother that We would meet him again and Exchange Paco back later, but Low and Behold, Me and Paco got attached to Each other and I grew more and more attached to Him as He did to Me. The Dog picks The Person, NOT The Other Way around, Folks! After a while, after I got used to Him being around and caring for Him, finally Potty Training Him, I got less and less of wanting to send him back to My Brother. I learned Paco’s Ways and He learned Mine. I like to say that He is a “PTLS Dog” because of Many Things including needing to be told what is going on, He hops in The Yard like a Gazelle, He runs around without a Purpose getting Excited but, Not knowing What it is that He is getting excited about. Because He is an Excellent Traveller, We take him with us on Our Trips, among them, We took him with us to Atlanta to see Grandma Honey and Of Course, for Christmas, We took All 3 Dogs (Paco included) to Colorado and Bringing Him back This Time! He is Very Smart Dog! On The Trip to Atlanta, He knew where Our Hotel Room was the second time We walked Him, He knew where Grandma Honey’s House was, Where Uncle Bruce’s House was, and Yes, Our House included. Is He still stubborn? Yep, about as Stubborn as I am. Do I still talk to Paco about Events of The Day like PTLSers need to have? Yes, I do. I tell Him what’s going on and other things as well. I call them “Pac’ Talks”. I Love My Boy Dog! and, Yes, He is still cute as Ever! It took a Long Time to admit to Myself, My Mom, and My Brother that I was growing attached to Paco. So, to be Fair, Michael and I share Parenting this Boy Dog, and We both love him a lot. All in all, This Valentine’s Day, Know that You are loved!

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Love the One  You are with even if They have Four Legs!

February 7, 2018

The Christianville Spirit: PTLSers Translated-A Christianville Classic

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Keeps Learning with Hope and Resilience
February 7th, 2018-TCS # 582

Ahoj, My Readers! Yes, I am sure that You have heard This Greeting before, but It actually is a Greeting used to Not One, but Two European Countries! It is also used in Slovakia, not to be Confused with Slovenia. In Local Languages it is even more confusing, Slovenia is SLOVENIJA (SLO) and Slovakia is SLOVENSKO (SK). Sounds Confusing, doesn’t it? I digress.
To be Fair, Slovak and Czech are Very Close Languages. For Two Separate but, Divorced Countries, not only does Czech Republic (Czechia) and Slovakia, formerly Czechoslovakia speak Languages that are close to one Another and They are still Very Good Friends. Anyway, Speaking of Languages, I was looking at “On This Day” posts on Facebook the other day and Found a Gold Newsletter that kind of seems like It is in It’s Language. PTLS Language. I know, You are thinking that This is another Language to learn next to National Languages (Like English, Swedish, Czech), Love Language (Refer to “5 Love Languages” Newsletter”), and Language of Music (Refer to “The Language of Music” Newsletter). But, Here’s another Language to Learn. PTLS Language! Now, Luckily, PTLS Language is Pretty Easy to Learn if You know how to Translate It. In This Case, that is What I am going to do! with PTLS Awareness Month and Day coming up Next Month, It is always a Time of Spread Awareness about Potocki-Lupski Syndrome, talking about What It Means, Refreshing People’s Memories of What is coming for Their PTLS Child, and Of Course, Most Importantly, to Teach New PTLS Family Members about Potocki-Lupski Syndrome (or PTLS) and What it is about.
Now, a lot of PTLS Members always want to know about Certain Questions, like What on Their Young PTLS Mind.
You See, For PTLS Family Members, It is One of those Questions that They are curious about, but Are not sure whether They want to hear The Answer or not. Sometimes, In Our PTLS Family, We get Questions that that more Standard, “Will My Child be Okay? (Yes They will), Potty Training Related (Me, at Age 3); Walking or Talking Related (Me at Age 4 or 5); When They got Diagnosed (Me at Age 3); You know, The Basics. Then, There are PTLS Family Members who are Curious about Deep Things like Thoughts, Intuition (which We are Very Good At), Adulthood, and Struggles (Refer to “PTLS Adult Struggles” Newsletter for that!) as well as Many Other Things. So, What was I thinking when I was Younger? Well, This is It. I have figured that I should make This Newsletter a Christianville Classic, That Way PTLS Family Members can always go to This Newsletter and Many Others in My Christianville Classics List to Reference to Any of Their Questions. So, without Further A due This is The New Christianville Classic, “PTLSers Translated”
This Newsletter was written back in March (Marzo) of 2014, Refer to Newsletter 395. First though, I should mention a Disclaimer* This may or may not apply to Your Child but, I hope that It is Easy to Understand. Happy February! And, I can Wait until PTLS Awareness Month! Enjoy!
So, Everyone, This is The Last Newsletter of March (Marzo), PTLS Awareness Month. In Honor of PTLS Awareness Month, I’m going to help PTLS Family Members “Translate” Their Child’s Behavior. The Way I am going to “Translate” is that I am going to share My Experiences on some of The Things I did when I was Young. There was a time when I did something called Stimming. I stim in a different way now, by way of being on My Computer. But, The Stimming I did was called pacing. You See, One Day at Our House, I found a little section of Grass and Dirt under a Big Tree, I would make sure No One was around and then, I started walking back and forth. In My Mom’s Words, “I would hippity hop, back and forth.” Back then, I didn’t really know what it was called or what it looked like to others, I just knew that I liked the feeling of it. As Soon as I started going, I would start mimicking the Sounds of The Road in Dallas. To explain to those who live Elsewhere, To Me, it sounded like someone was hollering. When I was a Kid, I called it “The Holler Road.” I later found that it is grooves in the road that help with Tire Traction that made a High Pitch Noise. Anyway, I would hear the sound of The Holler Road and I would mimic it. Other Times, I had a Wild Imagination! In My Mind, Our House was sort of a Welcome Center, in the Events I pretended that We lived in Oklahoma and The Other Side of The Creek we lived on, was in Texas. Now, that I think about it, It probably was because Our Lake House was close to Oklahoma. Other Times, In My Mind, Our House would be a Welcome Center/Customs House on The Texas/Mexico Border. Our House was in Laredo, Texas; The Creek was The Rio Grade River, and Across The Creek was Nuevo Laredo, Mexico (This Thought came from My Dad taking me down to Laredo & Nuevo Laredo, because it sounded cool and I wanted to check out Mexico). You Know, When You are a Child with a Creek in Your Backyard, Anything is Possible! While I was pacing, I would look at the ground, even though The Ground was the Same going to Back and Forth but, I would picture these things I Mentioned in My Mind. Once I started pacing more, I actually could picture the ground showing me driving on “The Holler Road” or Picture People coming into Our “Welcome Center” and Signs that lead people through The House to Laredo, Texas or Marietta, Oklahoma. Usually, Someone would come out to see what I was doing and Redirecting Me by Jumping on The Trampoline with Me or Go Inside to Play Video Games. So, The Next Thing I want to “Translate” is an Obsession that I have noticed that A lot of PTLSers have when They are Young. It seems like we PTLSers are Obsessed at One Point about Doors. I’m not sure exactly why But, I can tell you that I, in fact, have gone through that Obsession. Now, Keep in Mind though, It may or may not be The Same as Your Child, but This is How I saw it. For Example, The Elementary School that We went to, was an Open Plan School, Where You would walk into the Center of The School and You entered into The Library. From There, There were two-paired wood doors that led to Each Grade. Two Glass and Wood Doors to Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades. Well, I believe, back then I was in 3rd Grade, The 3rd Grade Doors had a unique sound to them that I liked. They made a “Doke-Doke-Doke” Noise. For Some Reason, I loved that, “Doke-Doke-Doke” Noise, so Any Chance that I got to Open the Door and Hear it make that Noise, I took it. I’m sure at One Point, it annoyed all the Students and I stopped doing it until The Next Time I had a Chance. I should mention that Our Old Elementary School doesn’t have that Open Floor plan like it did in The 90’s. The City of Plano redid it a Few Years Ago. Really, The Only thing that is Original, is The Gym. To be Honest, Although Off Topic, I kind of Miss the Old Days of Elementary School and All the Fun that We, The Barsi’s, and The Herricks had together. But, The Door Thing, I’m wondering that PTLS Kids like that same, “Doke-Doke-Doke” Noise, “Bang”, or “Squeak” Noise but only with different things like Cabinets or Other Doors. My Mom tells me that I used to sit on The Kitchen Floor and Open and Close Cabinets. I don’t do it anymore and I haven’t for a Very Long Time. All in all, Doors and Stimming are Fun to us Kid PTLSers but, It doesn’t last long because It would look silly.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Sometimes, You have to see The World through Someone Else’s Mind.

January 31, 2018

The Christianville Spirit: Why We Have Brothers

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Keeps Learning with Hope and Resilience
January 31st, 2018-TCS # 581

Oh! A Movie Trailer, My Readers! Let’s Watch! Excuse Me while I perform in a Movie Voice for a Second. (In Movie Voice) From The Newsletter That Brought You Many Classics..... The Newsletter that brought You The Christianville Classic Newsletter, “Why We Have Children” (Refer to Newsletter 273; November 2011) and The Christianville Classic, “Why We Have Moms” (Refer to Newsletter 351; May 15th of 2013. Or Over on My Christianville Classic List on The Right)....As Well as The Christianville Classic Newsletter “Why We Have Dads” (Refer to Newsletter 549; June 2017). Comes an Additional to My “Why We Have Series”...Introducing The Newest Newsletter, “Why We Have Brothers/Sister!” (Back to Normal Voice). So, I thought of Another Way to do another Extension to My “Why We Have..” Series and I realized something. I had done “Why We Have Children”, “Why We Have Moms”, and “Why We Have Dads”. But, Then, I thought, There is something missing in Here. What about Brothers/Sisters?! Now, If You thought of The Question of Why We Have Moms, It is Probably a Crazier Answer than Why We Have Brothers. It really does Make You ponder though Why Do We Have Brothers/Sisters. Now, I am sure that Any Child will admit that They liked it when They had All The Attention, They don’t want to Care for or Listen to Their Crying Brother or Sister because They get all The Attention of Their Parents. However, When You grow up like I have, You realize that Besides Your Mother and Father, You also in some Odd and End kind of Way, Need Your Brother or Sister. Now, Of Course, My Brother, Michael and I are 15 and Half Months Apart (Pretty Much almost a Year and a Half). So, I really don’t remember if I was excited about having a Brother at The Time, but, As We grew up, My Mom treated us equally So, We did not worry too much about One being Treated Better and/or Differently than The Other. Needing My Brother for Help was Something I thought nothing of, He was just there to help. Now that My Brother is in Denver, It certainly makes it different. So, Without Further a due. This is Why We have Brothers/Sisters. I Love You Heaps, Michael!

  1. Soo, In The Shortest Way I can put This. Depending on The Type of Family You Have. Having a Brother and/or Sister, was not Necessarily Your Choice.
  2. Now, You could say “I want a Brother or Sister” but, Again in a Short Health Lesson, You don’t say when it Happens, It Just does
  3. When You are a Kid and You may or may not want a Brother, You may Freak out when You heard Your Parents say, “Meet Your New Baby Brother!” (Quote from The Movie, “Boss Baby”) but, Trust Me, It is Worth It.
  4. At First, It is always You teaching them things (If You are The Oldest); then, They teach you Things, and then You teach Each Other Things.
  5. You can Hang Out with When Mom or Dad are Busy as well as When You want to.
  6. You can Play, Giggle about Something, or Get into Trouble with. Trust Me, I am Sure that There a Ton of Adventures that You can have Together.
  7. My Brother thought me A lot of Different Things and Helped Me with Many Things. One Time, at The Park in San Antonio, All The Kids were going up This Slanted Board on The Playground. I wanted to go up it. My Brother helped push me to get me up there, It took Many Tries and Almost Giving up but, It Worked Finally. Also, He taught me How to do “Butt Busters” on The Trampoline, He helped me a lot with Talking, He taught me how to Ride a Bike, and Taught me How to Drive.
  8. Your Brother/Sister is The One that Understands You more than Yourself, Your Parents, or Your Friends. In My Case, My Brother knew what I was saying in My Mumbly Voice before even My Mom knew
  9. The One that will Fight for You and Be Very Proud to Do So. My Brother is Very Proud to tell People about My PTLS and Show Them What I can do.
  10. If You are Feeling Down, They will find a Way to Pick You Up and If Life is Going Your Way, They will be on the Sidelines, Cheering You On. They will be The Biggest Cheer Leader, Next to Your Parents. They will be The Greatest Person to Encourage You!
  11. They will Willing to Share Their Friends with You as well as You sharing Friends with Them. My Brother was Very Gracious to Share His Friends with Me. Actually, He would proudly have me hang out with Them while He was.
  12. When It Comes to Dating, Your Brother or Sister can act as Any of The Following; a Wingman, Coach, or A Consultant. Yours and Their Significant Other will be Part of The Family so, You or They will Make Sure that You or They pick The Right Person.
  13. In My Case, There does not have to be a “Big Brother” and “Little Brother” Role. It can switch from Time to Time. Sometimes, I have the “Big Brother” Role and Sometimes, My Brother does.
  14. You and Your Brother/Sister can Talk in a Completely Different Language than You do with Your Parents or Your Friends. Funny how that Happens! While We are at it, You act differently with Each Other by Yourselves versus When You have Your Parents Watching.
  15. Finally, In The Event of something happening to Your Parents, You will have to Rely on Your Brother or Sister. You and Your Brother/Sister against The World, The Best Duo!

So, Those are The Reasons Why We Have Brothers and Sisters. It seems odd that We have Them but, I think It is Good Idea to have them to Support You. Otherwise, I feel that You would be Missing Out on Something really Wonderful. All in all, We have Brothers/Sisters for a Reason, for Some People They have Different Reasons, But These are Mine.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. The Spirit that Soars and Shines (Credit to Jennifer-Samantha). That is The Christianville Spirit.

January 24, 2018

The Christianville Spirit: Stress and No Routine Rerun

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Keeps Learning with Hope and Resilience
 January 24th, 2018-TCS # 580

Bonjour, My Readers! Boy, Have I had a bit 0f a Rough Week! I saw a Post on Facebook from My Friend, Jennifer-Samantha that said “What have You accomplished that was Hard for You. Let’s Celebrate!” I thought to Myself, as If I was speaking to “Jennifer-Samantha” (aka Jennifer Blalock) herself. Oh Jennifer, as My Brother would say, “You don’t even knooow”. In Short, We are at The Tail End of Dealing with a Leak underneath Our House. It actually has been going on for a Week now, The Hot Water caused a Leak underneath The Slab of The House. I thank God that It is a Winter because a Warm Floor and Warm outside would not help. It is Nice and Cold outside, so You would know that It is Warm under The Ground. If It sounds like I am a little stressed from Everything, Oh Yes! Anyway, Between Plumbers checking The Temperature around The Floors (which I have to Admit, that was kind of Cool); Trying to help My Mom in any way I can; Followed by Plumbers cutting Holes in The Wall (9 in total, from Small Holes, only a Few Inches to Much Bigger Holes); A Not-so-Smart Plumber’s Assistant falling through The Attic; and, Of Course, on top of that, My Mom has to Work as well, It does not help at all. Again, I thank God that My Mom gets off early and She does not work in Downtown Dallas or elsewhere with a Far Drive. Oh, It is Cray-Cray, 
“Jennifer-Samantha” but, We are Working through It. In Case You have not figured it out, Too Many Changes, Too Much Activity, and Being Out of My Routine causes me to be a Little Stressed and Out-Of Sorts. I actually wrote a Newsletter Three Different Times when I was completely Out-of-Sorts. Refer to “Adventures in Flooring” Newsletter; “Knowing Your Limits” Newsletter; and, Of Course, “Stress and No Routine” Newsletter, which is the One that I am going to rerun. You Know, when I think of This Newsletter In The Times that I miss My Brother the Most, I picture him along The Route to Denver in My Head, “He’s been Away for X-Amount of Hours”. When He is in Oklahoma City, I think “3 Hours from Home”, and I countdown to The Second that My Brother turned onto The Highway and Started off to Denver, thinking “He’s only been Gone for a Second!” and I remember My Mother’s Words pretty hauntingly, She said in a Very Low and Somber Voice, “Byyee Michael!”. It is one of The things that You remember for a Long Time, as Sad as It was. I thought Nothing of It at The Time until I really started Missing My Brother, recounting My Trip to Stockholm and London, and then, Following My Brother backwards from Colorado or Kansas back to His Old House in Denton. Anyway, I wrote This Newsletter a Few Days after My Brother moved to Denver. Enjoy! 

This Newsletter was written on August 5th of 2015 (Refer to Newsletter 460)

Hello, My Readers! Boy, I tell you, This past Weekend was Very Tough with My Brother moving to Spread His Wings. Update though, He is doing Okay, working on the Job front, and settling into His New (but, Kinda Small) House. So, On to This Week’s Newsletter! So, I have mentioned quite a Few Times about PTLSers need for Routine. It is Very Important that They have a Routine, Predictability, and Most of All, Rules. So, Here is a Question that I am sure All PTLS Members are curious about that I have not answered. So, What Happens if They are NOT in a Routine or Can They Easily swing out of Routine Temporarily. That is Actually a Good Question. So, It is Preferable that They do have a Routine. But, If They do not, then They can get a bit Overwhelmed, They can’t concentrate as well (like I did, If I did not have it), Increase in Stimming (like Rocking Back and Forth or Pacing), They can have Meltdowns (for being Overstimulated and Overwhelmed), They get Anxious about it, and They end up Very Tired. So, To Calm Your Mind, Yes, They do have a bit of wiggle-room with Their Routine, as long as it is returned soon. Myself, for example, I have been able to Adjust My Routine to Where I am. When I was Younger, I would pace a lot, so much so that There was a Trail I created in My Backyard. My Mom found that if I was Off of My Routine, like when I would come home from My Dad’s House, I would Pace More with Intensity and I would have Trouble Concentrating in School, The Teachers usually knew when I would come Home. and, Usually it took about a Week for Me to recover and get back into My Routine. Now that I am older though, My Mom can tell when I am out of My Routine. I was not in My Routine when We went to The Beach or when We went to The PTLS Conference. I guess, it depends what Type of Recovery from Lack of Routine are We talking about. Lack of Routine at, let’s say The Beach, was a bit Easy, I just had to take Longer Naps. With The PTLS Conference, I had to Calm Myself down (Conferences, although I have been to 3 of Them, does get Overwhelming!), Take Naps, and Get back into Routine. I know that This Weekend was Tough to recover from because of Helping My Brother moving, in The Texas Summer Heat mind You, and Add on The Inside Emotions (“The Feelies!”) of all of it happening. Proud, Happy, Sad, a Bit Angry (His Destiny does not match mine and His Ex-Girlfriend), The Whole Bit. This is a Shocker, but on Sunday I got up at 7 AM, to finish helping him and seeing him off. I am still a bit tired from all that. I remember when I got home from The Cruise I went on once, Disney World, or Great Wolf Lodge, I was a Mess! It was because of being Out of Routine and Being Overwhelmed at the same time. I mean, those Places are Fun, Don’t Get Me Wrong, but They are also Full of Activity and Very Overwhelming. Not Places I would recommend for us PTLSers. Now, If You tell me what is going to happen during The Day, I can start planning, and I won’t be so Anxious. All in all, We PTLSers would prefer things to be more Calm and Organized. I know that Doctors wanted to put me on Medication but, It makes My Head feel like it is Buzzing. and, that makes me even more Anxious.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit.  Understand Us, Don’t Medicate Us!

January 17, 2018

The Christianville Spirit: Love is Louder Rerun

The Christianville Spirit
The Spirit that Keeps Learning with Hope and Resilience
 January 17th, 2018-TCS # 579

Ich Liebe Dich, My Readers! Whoa! What was That?! Kinda sounds Scary! Actually, It means “I Love You” in German. It is said with a Strong Accent to It, making it sound scary compared to Other European Languages. It is pronounced Ike-Lee-buh-Deek. In Case You are Wondering, I Love You in Other European Languages are Te Amo (Spanish), Ti Amo (Italian), and Je T’aime (French). Anyway, On to This Week’s Newsletter. This Week’s Newsletter is actually about that, Love. You See, A Couple Weeks Ago, I was editing My Search Tags on My Newsletter Site. I wanted to Narrow the ones that I either don’t use or have not used in a While, so I got rid of a Few. There was One Tag from a Newsletter that I have not written about in a While, Let Alone Rerun. Yes, This Newsletter, Believe it or not, with The Message it has, I have not Rerun! The Topic of Course, was Something called the “Love is Louder” Campaign. I think it needs to be Reintroduced. Folks, It is Pretty Obvious that We live in some Crazy Times in The World. Then again, Unfortunately, There is always something in Some Parts of The World, whether It is Here or Halfway around The World. Some of It, You may think has Political Angle and Partly, It is does. However, Most of It is because of Fear, but In some cases, Sometimes It is just about Pure Hate. In Fact, The Internet has a Term for It, It is called “Trolling”, Where People go Online and “Troll” or Hate on People just because It makes them feel better. You can be Anyone on The Internet, haven’t You heard? That was an Appeal back in The Late 90’s into The 2000’s way before Social Media and iPhones. Today, You can “Troll” on People through Every Avenue of Social Media leading to Depression and Teen Suicide. Well, I say that It has to Stop. We should Love People because Love is Much Louder than Hate! A Newsletter I wrote back on October 13th of 2010 (Refer to Newsletter 220). I Love You, My Readers! Spread Love! Enjoy!

As You all know, Lately on The News, they’ve been talking about many things like The Trapped Chilean Miners and Election Stuff. But, there is one thing in The News that is happening that someone is trying prevent from happening again. You See, Lately there has an increase in suicides because of bullying and other people tormenting others. So, when I heard what was being done about it, I had to write about and cheer. You See, I was watching CNN and they were talking about all of it and then, they introduced the person who’s doing something. This Person is Actress, Brittany Snow from Gossip Girl, she said that when she heard about the increase in suicides and bulling that she should create a movement defending those affected or those who just want positivity in the world. This is called “Love is Louder”, “Love is Louder” proves to everyone that Love is Louder than ANYTHING! She says it can be applied to anything whether you were bullied or not. I will give a couple of examples, LOVE IS LOUDER Than...
  • Hate
  • Bullying
  • Depression
  • Misunderstanding
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • and above all, Anything Negative

So, as you can see Love is Louder than anything. As for Me, I applaud Brittany for making this movement to Stop and Stand Up to anything Negative. Because any of those things, we can all relate to and I mean, when I was in 5th Grade, I was bullied so, I know how it feels. I also understand being misunderstood because I have Special Needs. All in all, We should all stand up and join Brittany’s Movement.

Thanks for Reading The Christianville Spirit. Shout Out The Word Love, because LOVE IS LOUDER!